Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Moments

Tell me this isn't beautiful? I snapped this photo out my window today on the way home from a friend's house.  I just love those puffy clouds.  One of my biggest worries was missing the trees in Virginia... but the sky makes up for it. 
Lucy hanging out at 4am. She hasn't been such a great sleeper since we moved. 
And finally asleep....she's now my sofa sleeper. 
Here's the 3 little rascals. They are always up to no good. I told them to get in the car and get their car seats on and they all moved "up" one car seat. Jackson from booster to none, Avery to Jackson's booster and Lucy from baby car seat to Avery's booster. ....they thought maybe I wouldn't notice??

What is it about kids in goggles that makes me just crack up? She loves to wear goggles for about 5 seconds... but has to have her own! 

An idyllic evening... trip to Wal-mart for pool noodles. I was just reveling in the fact that we could do anything together in the evening! We are loving more time with daddy!
Here's the little princess, and her precious blanket. I know it's blurry, but I just love this little body- her legs and arms are getting longer, but she's still squeezable. More to come on the Blanket.
Here's the "cheese" face.
And one more because she's cute.

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