Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to school days

We are back to school here. It has been an exciting time for the kids. Last week we did back to school hair cuts, and I just broke down and cut Avery's beautiful and TANGLY locks of hair. No, I have never cut girls' hair before. I just went for it, and it's not perfect, but I have to say, it is CUTE. She looks darling with it short and it really fits her fun and spunky personality.

Lucy age 2, Avery age 5 (starting Kindergarten), Jackson age 8 (3rd grade)
Avery is so full of life and ready to take it all on. Not a bit nervous about Kindergarten. She was just mad that yesterday was only "meet the teacher" for an hour, and then she had to come home for the rest of the day! Today she got to go all day and was pretty happy about it, and she said she only got tired for "just a little bit".
Jackson has grown up so much and is ready to take on more responsibility in school and life! He takes good care of his lizard, and tries his best to be the best brother and son he can be. He is playing football and is learning a lot and enjoying the challenge.
Avery has a friend from church in her kindergarten class. She is overjoyed!
Lucy thinks it's her first day of school too! I definitely am happy to have Lucy at home with me as my little buddy. It has been an emotional few days for me as I have processed the last few years of my homeschooling and the educational decisions we have made for the kids. Kirtis and I both feel this is the right thing for the kids. They are both really excited about school, meeting new kids, feeling challenged and having the routine they crave.
I look back at my homeschooling years as this little "sweet spot" in my parenting. I truly loved it. I feel that both kids really gained a love of learning and life and that the kids relationship is stronger for it. I feel that it is time for Jackson and Avery to have a little different experience.  The classes are really small here and the schools just feel really "cozy" and "warm."
I am a little sad to give up our History Curriculum, because I have loved it so much, but I think I am going to make it a priority and keep going with the Story of the World, and our Classical Conversation songs.
Here's a random pic- not a good one. Jackson had an eye appointment in Denver today and he was kind of horsing around. He was tested, and poked and prodded all day- they patched his eye and dilated his eyes... It's been determined that he will have to have eye muscle surgery. Nothing major, but it will be a good thing for him to go ahead and get done.

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