Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review

2014 Year in review:

January 2014: Kirtis called to bishopric, I'm called as YW President.
February 2014: I start subbing in Sidney a few days a month.  My friend Rose Bowcut and I trade babysitting when we sub. I watch her daughter Clara a few days a month. Jackson finishes reading his first long chapter book: Summer of the Monkeys.  We take a family trip to Lincoln. Kirtis had work there and he brought me and the kids along. We swam in the hotel pool, visited the natural history museum at UNL and go to the Omaha zoo. Temps are freezing, but we have a great time.
March 2014: Jackson turns 9. We go to South Dakota for the weekend. We visit Mt. Rushmore and go to Watiki water park.
April 2014: I apply and am offered the English Teaching Position in Potter for Fall of 2014, and I accept. I will be able to count the first semester of teaching as my student teaching and will be able to get my teaching certificate!
May 2014: Kirtis and I go to Cancun for our 10 year anniversary.  (April 28- May 3).We stay 5 nights at an all-inclusive resort and have the most relaxing and wonderful time. (Kristi babysat for us). The school year ends and we take off to Utah. Kirtis stays for memorial day weekend, then flies home.
June 2014: (May 28-June 7) Trip to Utah/California with mom to visit Rhonda's family. Drove to Utah, flew to LA with mom, drove back with kids to Nebraska by myself.  June 14: Kirtis and I go on the Stake Youth Trek at Martin's cove. We were "ma" and "pa" of a family of youth. Truly a life changing and incredible experience to be in that sacred place.
July 2014: Madi Busskohl (age 16) is baptized. She started investigating the church in February. Kirtis does some job hunting, has several serious prospects/interviews. We take a weekend camping trip to the Niabrara River and camp at Smith Falls.
August 2014: Lucy turns 3! The kids and I take a trip to Virginia for the Messick reunion. We stay at Lake Anna for a week and have a great time swimming and tubing and making fun memories. School starts for the kids: Jackson 4th grade (Mrs. Jackson), Avery 1st grade (Mrs. Dobry). Lucy starts daycare in Potter and transitions to preschool in October with Amee Hicks. I start my teaching job at Potter-Dix Jr/Sr High in Potter, NE. I teach grades 7 and 9-12, a reading class and creative writing.
September 2014: Labor day: We go hiking as a family at Vedauwoo, near Laramie, WY.
October 2014: We find out that I'm pregnant with Baby #4! We are thrilled! Oct 25- Kirtis and Jackson drive to Utah to pick up Kristi and see Landry ordained a deacon. My morning sickness is pretty bad and I'm so grateful Kristi can come to help.
November 2014: Travel to Utah for Thanksgiving. We take Madi with us and take her to temple square and BYU.
December 2014: Kirtis starts a new role within Cabelas in the Commercialization department. Avery turns 7! She spends her birthday going to Denver with Kirtis to pick up Kristi. Kristi's flight is canceled, so Kirtis and Avery have a lot of time in Denver to kill while they wait for her new flight to get in. They go out to a Chinese Restaurant and Kirtis takes Avery to Justice and buys her a new outfit.  We spend Christmas in Nebraska with Kristi and go to Utah around the 27th.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas and New Years 2014

Get together with Rhonda… 2 pregnant bellies! I'm due in June and she's due in April. Tammy's due in March! So fun being pregnant with my sisters!!

New Years Eve 2014: Olivia, Polly, Lucy and I went to get nails done while the other kids went sledding with Kirtis and Alex. Lucy was a big girl and sat still an extremely long time! She is a great little buddy!

New Years Eve celebration at Alex and Polly's house. We also celebrated Emma's 16th birthday.

Cute girls! 

 Banging pots before bed at gramma's house! 

Happy new year! Excited for 2015 and all that it will bring!

Christmas 2014

Christmas morning in Nebraska
 The kids got a lot of winter gear for Christmas! We need it in Nebraska!

 A few days after Christmas, we headed to Utah for more fun. One day Rhonda and Greg's family and mom were all able to come to Kristi's house in Lehi. (We had planned to meet in Farmington's at mom's house- but her power was out!) Anyway, the cousins had tons of fun all playing together and catching up.

 Silly kid faces! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thoughts on my sweet family

I just have to say, I love my family. Truly, they are the center of my happiness. Yes, we have moments when…. you can fill in the blanks with all the images of chaotic, messy, real family life.  But without them my life would really be void!

Lucy. She's learning to say more things… "more milk mommy, peas!"  "I hold voo!" (I want you to hold me) and  "nana duddle" (I want to cuddle). She's starting to enter the "I do it myself!"phase, and it's a little fun to see my passive little girl fight for what she wants a little bit more. I do secretly enjoy that most times when I push an issue, she will just say in her little easy going way, "Okay, mommy!" (It takes me by surprise every time, I'm not used to a toddler who doesn't fight tooth and nail over everything!)

My little sweet and sassy Avery Jane. What would we do without her? She makes life sooo fun. She literally skips into school each day, excited to see her little friends and to learn. She's happy and makes us all laugh and is such a good big sister to Lucy. She loves to craft, color, create and bake. I love that her face is filling up with freckles. She will get whatever she puts her mind to in life. She's brilliant and a true beauty.

Jackson. He's such a knowledge machine. He LOVES to learn. He soaks up facts and just files them away in his brain. He just loves to talk and to share his knowledge. He just is so naturally curious about nature, animals, the earth, and he's getting into machines and how things work. I really love that kid.

Kirtis. My rock. Today he gets home from work and says, "where's the phone charger today hun?"and laughs. I seem to move it from the bedroom to the kitchen or somewhere else, depending on when my phone died and where I needed it at that moment. He totally puts up with my idiosyncrasies and I adore him for it.

What we've been up to this Summer!!

Summer of 2014. It is flying by. Stop! I love my kids home. I love the creative time. I love the time to work on chores, practice instruments, and go on adventures. I love the weekend trips and treat nights and time to read. I love morning snuggles with these cute little bodies.
 The kids have made the living room into a fort a few times this summer. This is one of the arrangements.

 Our one project of the summer. Avery sewed a pillow and Jackson made a camouflage ARROW.

 We went to Bridgeport Lake one afternoon. The kids had a great time with the Drew and Ella Haley.

 This little swimmer is getting really good at swimming in her floaties!
 Here's some game night photos. We were playing "Headbands". We all picked our favorite things to go on our heads for the pictures. :) Mine's a chocolate cake, the girls both picked Unicorns.

 Jackson loved the "Money" one.
 We've killed a LOT of flies this summer.  One of my pet peeves about Nebraska. The flies really make me insane. :)
 And…. we've gone on a lot of bike rides!

 A few parks as well… Lucy is finally getting over her fear of slides!
 Here's Jackson when he went fishing at Sean's cabin at Lake McConaughy.

 Pioneer Day fun… Avery and Lily doing the Stick Pull
 Elaine Peters and I doing the 3 legged race.

 Too cute for words.

 Silly pictures!! We love treats. :) Especially after the pool! (We've done that a lot too, I just never seem to take pictures of it!)

 Love her sweet little face and ringlets.
 Blurry photo, but I still love it.
 The kids hanging out inside on a "cold" rainy day.
 This was today! We visited Scottsbluff National Monument, and I got to show them what a handcart looked like.

 Covered wagon with Fake Oxen along the Oregon Trail.

We drove to the top, then hiked around a little. I started with Lucy in the backpack, but she has grown a  LOT since last time I used it. I told her she had to walk, and as a result we didn't go very far!  The view from the top was absolutely gorgeous though.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Niabrara Camping Trip

Our camping trip to Niabrara River a few weekends ago.
 We got the campsite set up, then played in the river a little bit. We had so much fun watching Charlie swim for the first time. Kirtis played catch with him and he did great. Sometimes he stuck his whole head underwater.. we're not sure why, but he was having fun!

This is "Carhenge" … near Alliance Nebraska…. saw it on the way home. (Not sure why blogger has reordered my pictures, so we'll just go with it!) 
 On the way home… the kids pretended to sleep. They didn't actually sleep. Ha ha!!
 So, I didn't do a lot of research before heading out to camp. I reserved the campsite the day before and we lucked out to get a site next to the river because there was a cancellation. I didn't know much about where we were heading, but our friends the Silers said it was fun, so we took their word for it and headed out! Our campground was called "Smith Falls" but I didn't even think about the fact that it might have been named after a waterfall. After all, this is the middle of Nebraska! We were surprised by this waterfall and had so much fun playing around in it. (yes the water was cold!)
 Hanging out at the campsite!! Looking at these pictures makes me want to go camping more!!
 My favorite people in all the world! (Just missing Kirtis who is behind the camera!)
 Look at this little ham. She is growing up too fast!! She's quickly becoming one of the big kids. Makes my heart sad, but happy too.
 Jackson is nine and a half. Best kid ever.

 Our sweet and fun and gorgeous Avery. Oh how we love her!

 Our Charlie dog. Keeps life exciting for us! He had such a great trip. :)


 Crossing the pedestrian bridge over the Niabrara. It was absolutely gorgeous. We woke up Saturday morning with plans to play in the waterfall, but it started pouring rain! Luckily it let up a little in time for us to go play before we had to pack up camp.
 The kiddos.
Playing in the waterfall…. lots of fun!

 Me, Jackson, Lucy

The Sheriff came by the campsite to recruit some new Deputies.