Thursday, June 5, 2014

Trip to California (May 29-June 5)

We were so lucky to get to go to California this year to visit my sister Rhonda and her family!
 We flew out of Provo on Allegiant Air. Mom being her thrifty self found us cheap flights as long as we could pack everything in bags that would fit underneath the seat in front of us. So this is all we took with us! Somehow we made it work!
 The Provo airport was awesome. We loved just walking through one small building for security, then walking out to the airplane!
 Little Lucy Looking Glam on the way to L.A. (My seat buddy)
 My gorgeous sister. We were wearing matching outfits when we showed up at her apartment! (not planned!) So funny!

 We were sooooooo happy to Ruby and Cory again and to get to meet sweet PETER!
 Jackson and Cora were buddies the whole trip.
 Here are some fish we spotted at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

 Beach at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

 Pizza after the beach. We were just starved! :)

 Jackson hanging out with Peter in his little baby jail. Oh we just loved playing with Peter. The sweetest, cutest, chubbiest baby. Love him!

 Avery sweetie. Having fun touring around L.A. with Gramma and Mom in the rental car. :)
 Kidspace Museum

 Our last day we went to Santa Monica Beach. We played all day. My cousin Chelsea and her girls came too. We ate lots of snacks and talked and the kids just enjoyed. Then we changed and got some of the sand off and played at Santa Monica Pier. There were lots of fun kid rides, a big roller coaster and a ferris wheel. The kids had a ball… and we literally wore them out! Lucy was starting to fall asleep on a ride at the end there… a good sign that maybe it's time to call it a night!!!

 Lucy with Gramma.
 They are best buddies.

 Avery and Gramma. Avery loves her grandma. :)

 Santa Monica Pier.
We loved our trip. Rhonda was an awesome hostess. It was so wonderful to catch up and create fun memories with her and her family.

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