Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Niabrara Camping Trip

Our camping trip to Niabrara River a few weekends ago.
 We got the campsite set up, then played in the river a little bit. We had so much fun watching Charlie swim for the first time. Kirtis played catch with him and he did great. Sometimes he stuck his whole head underwater.. we're not sure why, but he was having fun!

This is "Carhenge" … near Alliance Nebraska…. saw it on the way home. (Not sure why blogger has reordered my pictures, so we'll just go with it!) 
 On the way home… the kids pretended to sleep. They didn't actually sleep. Ha ha!!
 So, I didn't do a lot of research before heading out to camp. I reserved the campsite the day before and we lucked out to get a site next to the river because there was a cancellation. I didn't know much about where we were heading, but our friends the Silers said it was fun, so we took their word for it and headed out! Our campground was called "Smith Falls" but I didn't even think about the fact that it might have been named after a waterfall. After all, this is the middle of Nebraska! We were surprised by this waterfall and had so much fun playing around in it. (yes the water was cold!)
 Hanging out at the campsite!! Looking at these pictures makes me want to go camping more!!
 My favorite people in all the world! (Just missing Kirtis who is behind the camera!)
 Look at this little ham. She is growing up too fast!! She's quickly becoming one of the big kids. Makes my heart sad, but happy too.
 Jackson is nine and a half. Best kid ever.

 Our sweet and fun and gorgeous Avery. Oh how we love her!

 Our Charlie dog. Keeps life exciting for us! He had such a great trip. :)


 Crossing the pedestrian bridge over the Niabrara. It was absolutely gorgeous. We woke up Saturday morning with plans to play in the waterfall, but it started pouring rain! Luckily it let up a little in time for us to go play before we had to pack up camp.
 The kiddos.
Playing in the waterfall…. lots of fun!

 Me, Jackson, Lucy

The Sheriff came by the campsite to recruit some new Deputies.

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