Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What we've been up to this Summer!!

Summer of 2014. It is flying by. Stop! I love my kids home. I love the creative time. I love the time to work on chores, practice instruments, and go on adventures. I love the weekend trips and treat nights and time to read. I love morning snuggles with these cute little bodies.
 The kids have made the living room into a fort a few times this summer. This is one of the arrangements.

 Our one project of the summer. Avery sewed a pillow and Jackson made a camouflage ARROW.

 We went to Bridgeport Lake one afternoon. The kids had a great time with the Drew and Ella Haley.

 This little swimmer is getting really good at swimming in her floaties!
 Here's some game night photos. We were playing "Headbands". We all picked our favorite things to go on our heads for the pictures. :) Mine's a chocolate cake, the girls both picked Unicorns.

 Jackson loved the "Money" one.
 We've killed a LOT of flies this summer.  One of my pet peeves about Nebraska. The flies really make me insane. :)
 And…. we've gone on a lot of bike rides!

 A few parks as well… Lucy is finally getting over her fear of slides!
 Here's Jackson when he went fishing at Sean's cabin at Lake McConaughy.

 Pioneer Day fun… Avery and Lily doing the Stick Pull
 Elaine Peters and I doing the 3 legged race.

 Too cute for words.

 Silly pictures!! We love treats. :) Especially after the pool! (We've done that a lot too, I just never seem to take pictures of it!)

 Love her sweet little face and ringlets.
 Blurry photo, but I still love it.
 The kids hanging out inside on a "cold" rainy day.
 This was today! We visited Scottsbluff National Monument, and I got to show them what a handcart looked like.

 Covered wagon with Fake Oxen along the Oregon Trail.

We drove to the top, then hiked around a little. I started with Lucy in the backpack, but she has grown a  LOT since last time I used it. I told her she had to walk, and as a result we didn't go very far!  The view from the top was absolutely gorgeous though.

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