Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snow Day! Hooray!!

Today was a glorious, much-needed snow-day, no-school day! January was the longest month with no breaks and today was just a blessing! The kids played outside in the snow most of the day! Jackson, Avery, Lucy and Charlie went down to the ditch near our house this morning and sledded. Later, Jackson and Avery went down to the bigger ditch near the park to sled with friends. They did that while Lucy and I napped. It was heaven. :) It feels great to have a break and get caught up again on housework and laundry on a Wednesday! P.S. My kids are adorable. I love when they are bundled up like little snow-muffins. 

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Kim and Steve said...

Beautiful Family. The girl with the Elsa & Anna hat looks just like Gina. Wow. Beautiful.