Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thoughts on my sweet family

I just have to say, I love my family. Truly, they are the center of my happiness. Yes, we have moments when…. you can fill in the blanks with all the images of chaotic, messy, real family life.  But without them my life would really be void!

Lucy. She's learning to say more things… "more milk mommy, peas!"  "I hold voo!" (I want you to hold me) and  "nana duddle" (I want to cuddle). She's starting to enter the "I do it myself!"phase, and it's a little fun to see my passive little girl fight for what she wants a little bit more. I do secretly enjoy that most times when I push an issue, she will just say in her little easy going way, "Okay, mommy!" (It takes me by surprise every time, I'm not used to a toddler who doesn't fight tooth and nail over everything!)

My little sweet and sassy Avery Jane. What would we do without her? She makes life sooo fun. She literally skips into school each day, excited to see her little friends and to learn. She's happy and makes us all laugh and is such a good big sister to Lucy. She loves to craft, color, create and bake. I love that her face is filling up with freckles. She will get whatever she puts her mind to in life. She's brilliant and a true beauty.

Jackson. He's such a knowledge machine. He LOVES to learn. He soaks up facts and just files them away in his brain. He just loves to talk and to share his knowledge. He just is so naturally curious about nature, animals, the earth, and he's getting into machines and how things work. I really love that kid.

Kirtis. My rock. Today he gets home from work and says, "where's the phone charger today hun?"and laughs. I seem to move it from the bedroom to the kitchen or somewhere else, depending on when my phone died and where I needed it at that moment. He totally puts up with my idiosyncrasies and I adore him for it.

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