Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 2015 and Jackson's Birthday

Tired Lucy. She still loves her blankie! I have to find the pic from 2 years ago where she's asleep in the same spot with her blanket. 😊 I love her. 

Jackson needed a haircut badly, and it was his crazy hair day and his birthday the next day, so Kirtis just cut it into a Mohawk. He looked pretty crazy and cool!

The kids off to school for crazy hair day.
Jackson's birthday! Can't believe he's 10! He wanted a giant nerf gun. We surprised him with an iPod (music only) and hid it in the nerf gun packaging.

He was pretty surprised and happy! Jackson is the best kid ever! Such a great big brother, a hard worker, super smart, and has such a kind heart. We love you Jackson!

Afternoon Kite flying with dad.

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