Saturday, May 23, 2015

May/June 2015

We were so ready for school to end! I took a Friday off, and we took a trip to Denver before the last week of school just to play. I felt like I was trying to cram in as much fun as we could as soon as the weather got nice, and before the baby came.

In May, we took a weekend to play in Denver... Here we are at Red Rocks.

Denver Zoo... watching the elephant show!
Playing the cup/card stacking game

Cabelas Fishing Day... the girls were excited... they both won prizes!!
My 2 cute boys!

Jackson... in his element. I love him!
More Red Rocks pictures!  My sweet Lucy.
I love this crew!
 The girls had so much fun picking wildflowers.
Sweet Avery Jane!
My monkeys at the Denver Zoo!

Stopped by the Denver Temple.

This was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Jackson finished 4th grade, Avery finished 1st, and Lucy finished Preschool! We had a light snow! Crazy Nebraska springtime!

Summertime! Pool time and puzzle time.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

April/May 2015

Funny Lucy faces. Love this cute little girl!!

I think this one is my favorite. I love her curls!

And we can't leave out Jackson and Avery!

Found this coke bottle in honor of baby Kate. We can't wait for her to get here!
This was on Mother's Day!! Snow!

Me and my sweet kids and my big belly. I love these kids. I am so blessed.

Easter 2015!

Silly Avery! She is always having fun!

Little moments...

Avery's school field trip to the Scottsbluff zoo.

Cheyenne Children's garden. Kirtis and I were asked to speak in Stake conference, so we spent the weekend in Cheyenne.

Lucy's cookie was as big as her face... So we had to take a picture. We were at Runza.
Jackson's fourth grade reading class project. Lots of hard work, and he was really happy with the result.