Monday, January 18, 2016

Reflections on a winter day

This morning I was able to go for a run. My body is getting a little more in shape, and I was able to run for almost the whole time. It felt amazing.

I'm without my phone for a few days, so instead of listening to music or podcasts, I enjoyed the quiet, reflective time.  I was thinking about how a few years ago I wouldn't have gone running when it was 20 degrees outside and the roads were snowy and icy. Since living in Nebraska for a few winters, 20 degrees feels a little brisk, but nice! I used the snow treads for my running shoes that my mom bought me last winter while I was pregnant with Kate, and I loved hearing my feet crunch as I made contact with the ice which was covered in a layer of snow. The sun was sparkling on the snowy lawns.

Not only have I become more accustomed to the cold weather, but I've changed in other ways.
As I ran, I had thoughts such as: I have grown in the past few years. I have done some hard things. I have worked hard and loved hard. I am a more patient mother. I am more disciplined. I forgive myself. I am trying to love others with a more open heart.

I was thinking about who I have been, who I am, and who I want to be. None of this becoming has been easy. There have been plenty of hard days. But each day I keep getting up and trying. I make lots and lots and lots of mistakes. I get angry quicker than I should. I often lose my patience. I have many more lessons to learn. I have more I need to do and become. But it feels good to reflect every now and then and see that I'm growing, and that each step I take is bringing me a little closer to the person I want to become.  And that's what this journey of life is all about.

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