Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Remembering the Blizzard of 2010

My friends in Virginia are all posting about the snow from the blizzard they were hit with this past weekend. I keep feeling so jealous. And it's because I remember the good memories we had back in 2010 when we were hit with about the same amount of snow. Jackson was 5. Avery had just turned 2.

My father in law had just died that December. My mother in law, Kristi, was making hard life decisions, and was figuring out if she should move to Utah now that Alex was gone. The house we just had built on a cul-de-sac with a big yard was finished and we had just moved in. My mom bought the lot next door and was making plans to move to Virginia. (My dad had died the previous year.) There was so much in our life that was good, and so much that was sad! The week of the blizzard, we went over to mother-in-laws and planned to hunker down for the storm. Kirtis' brother, Alex was visiting and couldn't fly home because of the storm, so he joined us for the fun.
We had a nerf war at Kristi's house! We watched movies, played games, ate yummy food and the boys shoveled until their backs couldn't take it anymore.

Within a few months, Kristi had everything packed up and had moved to Utah. We will always remember that special week we had together with her!

 View out Kristi's back door.
 View out the front door. God bless America!
 Uncle Alex helping go through the storage room
 Going through stuff!

 Cute Jackson

I remember Jackson took this picture of Kristi. I think she looks so cute. Her eyes look so blue!

 The Nerf war!! I don't think Kristi ever thought that would happen at her house!
 My sweet 2 year old Avery! 
 Look at those baby cheeks. 
 Jackson... He looks so serious!

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