Friday, January 15, 2016

Week in Review

Some tidbits from this week

I was teaching Jackson a piano lesson where he went back and forth between octaves with his left hand. He said "mom, do you know how I know where to move my hands to? I just move them until I find the warm keys, then I know I'm in the right place! Ha ha! In all my years playing piano, I have never thought about that! We are getting back into practicing since the Christmas break. It's hard to stay super regular with it, but I won't give up. He's so smart and talented, I want him to keep going with it!

Jackson built the Vader and Ship he got for Christmas. We are loving Start Wars!
 These chuckers hang out in our neighborhood. They slept under Kirtis' truck, then stayed in our driveway all morning on Monday. Cute little guys.

Sweet Little Kate is 7 months old!!
 Love her sweet little faces! She is a very happy baby.

One project in January done: Finally recovered my chairs! (The old fabric, was stained, ripped and worn through!)
 We've been playing a lot of games this winter. Lucy and Avery were having fun being silly and playing Sequence for Kids.
 Lucy had her friend Nola over for a playdate. They had so much fun playing with playdo. These are their playdo monsters.

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