Friday, March 11, 2016

February Book Reviews

Here are my February Book Reviews!

I absolutely loved this novel. It was just a very fun, delightful read. The protagonist suffers from memory loss, and loses 10 years of her life. In many ways she gets to combine the best of her old self, with the best of her new self to move forward. It gave me a lot to think about as I pondered how parenthood has changed me in many ways, and I wondered what my "old pre-parenting self" would think of me now. Would she be surprised at how many dishes I do every day? YES! Would she be amazed at how quickly I lost my temper? Unfortunately, yes! Would she be surprised to find out about the hard things our family has endured and the strength of character it has built? Most likely. Would my old self be happy with who I have become?

(I got this book from the Sidney Public Library- and there is some swearing, and some "innuendo")

I wanted to love this book! With a title like, Daring Greatly, I was hoping to be inspired to be my best self, and to go forward to achieve my dreams. It just wasn't that kind of book.  I have listened to Brene Brown's Ted Talk, and liked what she had to say, and I respect her work and research. It had a few great take-aways,  but it wasn't life changing for me- at least at this moment in my life. 
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I love, love, loved this book. The story centers around two dynamically different sisters during the French Resistance in World War II. It was an absolutely lovely, couldn't-put-it-down, beautifully crafted story.  It made me want to tie a scarf around my head, put on some red lipstick and engage in some anti-nazi subterfuge.

I have to mention two other books I have recently read that are also about the French Resistance and are fantastic reads:  All the Light We cannot See by Anthony Doerr is a beautiful novel told through the eyes of a blind girl.  

And there was Light by Jacques Lusseyran was the inspiration for the aformentioned novel. Lusseyran tells his own life story of going blind as a child, then becoming a key player in the underground French Resistance movements. It is truly one of the most beautiful, inspiring books I have ever read. 

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